Parked up at Bugalaga, Papua

Parked up at Bugalaga, Papua

Monday, 29 September 2014

Back to normality

After the last few weeks of travelling about on holiday, it's nice to get back to the day job of flying the Porter in the mountains and jungles of Papua. It's been great to see the reaction to the TV series whilst back in the UK even if I still can't quite get used to the odd person recognising me whilst out and about. It was also nice to catch up with various friends and family on my travels which for me is what holidays in the UK are all about.

Meeting some fans at Colerne Airfield were I flew Bulldogs back in 1995/6

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Weekly stats: 25-31 Aug 2014

Hours logged: 1.8hrs
No. of legs flown: 3
Instrument time logged: 0hrs
Days on duty: 6
RTBs (Return to base): 0
Unique airstrips visited: 33 (Nabire, Hitadipa, Enarotali)
New airstrips visited: 0

Mostly route training new pilot in Nabire from RHS all this week - not logged.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

A couple of days in Wamena

As we had very little flying going on in Nabire and our Wamena aircraft went tech due to a faulty artificial horizon, I flew our Nabire Porter across to Wamena for a few days to help cover whilst the engineers waited for the replacement part. Having never flown from there before in the Porter, I would be guided by George, our resident Wamena pilot on some of the routes and airstrips.

Stunning mountain ranges to the SW of Wamena

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Weekly stats: 18-24 Aug 2014

Hours logged: 9.6hrs
No. of legs flown: 13
Instrument time logged: 0.3hrs
Days on duty: 6
RTBs (Return to base): 0
Unique airstrips visited: 7 (Nabire, Merdey, Mesina, Pagamba, Deneode, Unito, Pogapa)
New airstrips visited: 1 (Merdey)

Two pilots on duty in Nabire.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Weekly stats: 11-17 Aug 2014

Hours logged: 13.4hrs
No. of legs flown: 24
Instrument time logged: 0.8hrs
Days on duty: 6
RTBs (Return to base): 0
Unique airstrips visited: 10 (Nabire, Sinak, Wamena, Yaniruma, Dekai, Angguruk, Ninia, Kenyam, Owitlep, Pasima)
New airstrips visited: 5 (Yaniruma, Angguruk, Ninia, Owitlep, Pasima)

No flying in Nabire so spent three days in Wamena.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Why sealed runways are not always the safest

Other pilots here in Papua often ask me what's the worst/scariest runway I land on and I always tell them it's the Caravan and Twin Otter friendly airstrip at Ilaga. This is almost always met with a surprised look considering it's about three times the length we need in a Porter, sealed and even features ATC these days! So, let me explain my dislike of tarmac runways further...

Crumbling tarmac at Ilaga airstrip

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Weekly stats: 4-10 Aug 2014

Hours logged: 11.7hrs
No. of legs flown: 22
Instrument time logged: 0hrs
Days on duty: 4
RTBs (Return to base): 0
Unique airstrips visited: 10 (Nabire, Manokwari, Timepa, Moanamani, Mbugalo, Timika, Bilogai, Apowo, Minou, Deneode)
New airstrips visited: 0

Returned from holiday on 6th Aug.